2017 HPS March Into Spring Conf Brochure

Attention Winterthur members! Come join Director of Garden & Estate Chris Strand this Saturday, February 11 at 1:00 pm for a garden walk focusing on winter color in the garden and the very first flowers of the year! Walk leaves from the Picnic House at the far end of the Visitor Parking Lot. Come a little early to grab a cup of coffee or tea to take with you on the trail! In case of inclement weather, an update message will be left at 302.888.4915 approximately 3 hours before the walk.


Thursday’s storm left Winterthur bedecked with white, tracing every branch and tree trunk with a skeleton of snow. Check out these views in Chandler Woods, near the Golf Course, and at the back of Azalea Woods — all accessible thanks to the Garden Department’s around-the-clock efforts!

By Frank Quinnette

One of the cool things about starting my work day early is that I often get to see the sun come up. It is quite a sight for sure and the pictures I’ve added can’t do justice to the beauty. As a member of Winterthur, you can come take a walk or a run around the property and see some gorgeous sunrises in real time! So…consider a Winterthur membership and come be amazed by the views I get to see nearly every morning. For more information about becoming a member, please go to: http://www.winterthur.org/membership.

Frank Quinnette is an estate horticulturist, turf expert, equipment and safety guru, and aspiring photographer at Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library. ~EA

Last Sunday, as January was winding to a close, I took a stroll along the March Bank in honor of the Winterthur Garden’s creator, Henry Francis du Pont. His usual “Bank to Bend” walk (from the March Bank to Magnolia Bend) was always in search of the year’s first blooms, and indeed I was very much in search of the same!

Maybe it was just the cold, but the thought that I was walking in our founder’s footsteps gave me goosebumps. Take a walk for yourself as you enjoy the following photos, with cheerful sights of snowdrops and the golden buds of early adonis. My meandering technically went from Bend to Bank, then Bank to Bend and back again, but I don’t think Mr. du Pont would have scolded me too much (at least, not after hearing about the spirit of my search!).

For an added bonus, I include two bloom-sightings from the nearby East Terrace: the firework-like flowers of witchhazel and a single, sweet blossom of fragrant honeysuckle. Both were striking against their elegant architectural backdrop.

While small, none of these blooms can be measured for the joy they instill in the winter heart!

For information about our upcoming Bank to Bend celebration in early March, please check out the “Garden Events” tab of this blog.

By Frank Quinnette

Like me, if you’re craving some significant snow, you’re probably disappointed at what we’ve had so far. The long range forecast doesn’t look too promising, either.

So, as a reminder of what we still may get, here are some pictures of what we were doing here at Winterthur at the end of January 2016.

To those lovers of snow, take heart. Winter is not over!

To those who can do without the “white stuff,” a warning. Winter is not over…

The best part of photographing this Chinese witch-hazel was enjoying its wonderful sweet fragrance.  This one is Hamamelis mollis ‘ Wisley Supreme’.    Its name is derived from the fact that it originated at Wisley Garden, the flagship garden of the Royal Horticultural Society.  Be sure to walk by the patio of our Visitor Center to enjoy these.   Join us for our Bank to Bend program on March 11 to learn more about winter flowers.

Chinese Witch-hazel cultivar

Snowdrops are coming!

LE 010

The March Bank looks quiet from a distance. But take a closer look and you’ll discover many early snowdrops beginning to flower.

Giant Snowdrop   Galanthus elwesii

Giant Snowdrop Galanthus elwesii

LE 001A

These are Galanthus elwesii, the giant snowdrop. Notice how the leaves are wrapped around each other at the base and the two green markings on the inner petals.


Anne McNally recently began her position as one of Winterthur’s Livestock Volunteers.  She’s been able to get up close and personal with our seven Boer goats and Greenbank Mill’s four heritage breed sheep.  Check out what she has to say about her experience so far, and some of her lovely photos capturing the spirit of our livestock!

“Animals have been an important part of my life since I was a baby.  My boss told me Winterthur was looking for an Animal Husbandry Volunteer, and I knew this was for me.  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings I take care of Negandank Farm’s goats and sheep at Winterthur.

Having worked with Pygmy Goats at Brandywine River Museum’s Ring Farm, I was thrilled at the friendliness of this breed.  Working around them is comical; they are so curious.  I love photographing them.  The sheep have warmed up to me, too.  I think all of the animals think I’m their paparazzi!

Stay tuned for more shots of these amazing creatures.  I am honored to be part of this program at Winterthur!”

Anne & Stanley

Anne & Stanley

Anne with Morgan, Missy, & Michael

Anne with Morgan, Missy, & Michael

Anne's buddy, Michael

Anne’s buddy, Michael

Minnie & Missy romping around

Minnie & Missy romping around

Goats grazing in the pasture

Riley, Nora, & Missy grazing in the pasture



Thanks to Linda Bailey, Winterthur’s Natural Lands Technician, for contributing this blog post and lending her keen eye for both the landscape and photography!

As the trees reach their peak color in the Brandywine Valley, Winterthur is a must-see for those who enjoy the spectacle of autumn foliage (and who doesn’t?!). Winterthur is known for its many scenic vistas, offering outstanding views of the garden and estate. While most visitors are well-acquainted with the beautiful scenery from places like Magnolia Bend and the Quarry Road bridge, did you know that there are stunning views all over Winterthur’s nearly 1,000-acre estate?

With about 10 miles of roads and trails accessible to members and guests, there’s always somewhere new to explore. Here are a few spots from all corners of the estate with spectacular views. Although I could provide you with detailed directions to each location, I won’t deprive you of the opportunity of discovering the beauty for yourself!  There’s still plenty of time before the last leaf falls, so be sure to visit before it’s too late!


Colorful reflections at the Reservoir

White oak just past the Railroad overpass

White Oak just past the railroad overpass

Upper Armour Meadow loop trail looking towards Armour Farm Woods

Upper Armour Meadow loop trail looking towards Armour Farm Woods

Woods Road view

Woods Road view

Trail that runs from Back Drive towards Railroad tracks

Trail that runs from back drive towards railroad tracks

Looking up at the William Penn tulip poplar in Chandler Woods

Looking up at the William Penn tulip poplar in Chandler Woods