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Winterthur horticulturist, Frank Quinnette, writes: Yes folks, spring has sprung. But someone needs to tell the guy who regulates the temperature around here, ‘cause it still feels like winter to me. Keep in mind that it is not unusual at all to see snow or frost here ‘till near the end of April. That leads […]

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Frost and Fog

One of my great pleasures in fall is watching the change that accompanies the seasonal return of frost and cooler nighttime temperatures. It is not uncommon on an autumn morning to see fog drifting along streams and laying over ponds. The same humid but cool conditions that produce fog will produce frost in low-lying areas. When the temperature […]

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Gardening Tip #2: Spring Frosts

A week of sunny weather in April can give a gardener amnesia. Suddenly you find yourself planting as though it is May, forgetting that the nights can still get cold and turn your hard work into mush. Because today has been cool and cloudy I’ve already had two calls from gardeners asking for advice on frost. Keep […]

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