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Winterthur horticulturist, Frank Quinnette, writes: Yes folks, spring has sprung. But someone needs to tell the guy who regulates the temperature around here, ‘cause it still feels like winter to me. Keep in mind that it is not unusual at all to see snow or frost here ‘till near the end of April. That leads […]

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by Frank Quinnette On my way to work this morning I heard a radio commercial for grub control. It’s a tongue-in-cheek spot from a major lawn care product supplier that is pretty funny really. Kind of 1950’s, flying-saucer-ominous-voice-in-panic type deal. Ugly monsters in the lawn devouring grass roots! Run for your lives! Something like that. […]

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Winter Turf Tips

by Frank Quinnette 1. On those nice days, clean up leaves, twigs, rocks and other debris from your lawn. Leaves and small twigs can be mowed and left on the lawn. Larger sticks and rocks, however, are blade bait!! Hitting a rock with a rotating piece of thick metal turning at a bazillion RPM will […]

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